About us

The challenge

Tax is nowadays a recurring issue for corporations and its importance in the day-to-day management of a company is constantly growing in the current economic environment.

Understanding the tax implications of your business decisions and correctly assessing relating tax risks in advance are therefore key elements for a tax efficient management of companies.

Another challenge consists in tax compliance. Inefficiently handled, it may result in penalties and late interests, in time-consuming investigations by the tax authorities and/or in a higher tax burden than expected.

Experienced team

beTax Advisory & Compliance Services S.à r.l. is a fully independent Luxembourg tax boutique that may provide you with quality tax advisory and tax compliance services. Steve Becker developed beTax Advisory & Compliance Services S.à r.l. since 2011 and Martine Wagner joined the firm as a partner in October 2012. Each partner has an experience of more than 15 years in the field of Luxembourg taxation. Our combined work experience of more than 30 years allows us to serve a wide range of Luxembourg entities, such as: SOPARFIs, financing companies, real estate companies, commercial and industrial companies, tax transparent entities, Luxembourg branches of non-resident companies, Luxembourg companies with foreign branches, IP companies, SICARs, securitization companies.

Our clients

beTax Advisory & Compliance Services S.à r.l. has since its incorporation developed a very diversified client portfolio, ranging from real estate and private equity funds with large presence in Luxembourg to commercial and industrial companies located in Luxembourg.

Personal & Committed

Our small size allows us to develop a personal relationship with our clients by allocating the same team to a specific client for several years. Our aim is to develop a personal and lasting relationship with our clients, as we consider that this increases efficiency and in-depth knowledge of the specific files. Professionalism and quality are our core values. We are committed to act in the best interest of our clients and to gain a thorough understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by our clients.